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Rawlinshaw meets Down on the Farm​​

Earlier in January, Rawlinshaw had some surprising visitors as Down on the Farm, from CBeebies, visited for the day. Take a look at what was happening down on this Yorkshire Farm in the middle of January.

Rawlinshaw Farm, Austwick, 
In the heart of the Yorkshire Dales National Park

Sheep Scanning with Down on the Farm

January 20th, 2018

This year, sheep scanning at Rawlinshaw was a little different.
Our girls were about to appear on screen! 
Helping was JB from 'Down on the  Farm', all the camera crew and our little helpers who came along to see what was happening.
It was all "and action" as the ewes were checked to see if they were pregnant. Thankfully all but one was and soon we were counting up the numbers of lambs who would be born in March. 
Well done to all involved, all the crew, Robert Garth for taking time out of his busy schedule to allow the filming to happen, and the children - it was a fun but cold day!

Sheep and Cheese

Watch the video below to see our little film all about scanning our pregnant sheep.

9th March 2018

Episode 18

Storm Huntley goes to a factory to find out how they make cheese, while JB Gill visits a farm to help scan their sheep. Plus, some children go on a litter pick and the programme reveals how baked beans are made

How it all happened...

On a cold morning in January, the camera crew arrived at Rawlinshaw. We were all very excited to be sharing the magical time of sheep scanning with thousands of young children on CBeebies. Seeing new life on the ultrasound scan is always an amazing experience and combining this with learning and counting skills was an added bonus.

Sam getting ready for filming

And Action..

Then for the scanning

And that's a take!​